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Post  TheLeaf on Mon Mar 16, 2009 7:17 pm

Disclaimers and crap: Alright so, this is just a suggestion AND something you can choose to/not to use, although I really don't have any say in these matters, its just something to use to talk to other guildies and possibly other guilds. Also, my dick is like, supersize. Yo dick look like two fries.

Alright so, me and Saya (Sentapeace) use a program called mIRC. Well, you might ask "..what the hell is that?" Well, mIRC is basically a program that stands for Internet Relay Chat (I have no idea what the M stands for, so don't ask.) We are on a (yes, this is how me and Saya met) a Runescape server, so if you dont like multitudes of retarded people, this miiight not be for you, although this is Saya's channel (explained later) and he keeps the retardation level to a minimum.

Ok so, because probably this will sound useless to ..just about everyone, here's a nice little screenshot of it, along with my desktop and such.
Just something..new Mirc_s11

EDIT: Ok so I just realized how terrible the image is, here
is the nice imageshack version.

Ok so, if it looks nice, keep on reading. If you're like "Oh shit etc." and don't want to use it no matter what I suggest you stop reading, unless you're bored in which case, carry on.

Alriiight, so there are a few things I will explain before moving onto the numbers you see, and dont close the image, because..yea. Ok so, this is basically multiplayer notepad, but you can do "cool" stuff with this. The concept of banning and being banned applies here, but you can be unbanned and mute someone etc. The concept of a rank applies here in terms of who/what you can ban etc, but its called access, min is 0 max is 9999. But, for the sake of no um.. disputes and such, everyone will be given about the same access (Rank, whatever the hell you wanna call it) which will be up to our lovely Saya's (Sentapeace) discrepency. Unfortunately, your rank in the guild *might* not correspond with the acces you will receive, so if you're sensitive about this shit..meh. There will be a nice little section on this after the Pros and Cons, as I assume if you've read that far you're remotely interested.

Alright, on to the numbers I mentioned..and shit. Ok so, take a gander at #1. That is a channel, which is basically a chatroom that you can enter/exit at your own leisure. Think of it as the guild chat, but you can do other things (Look at #3.) You can do fancy coloooooors if you choose, but then again, if you actually get this, (Which I assume alot of people will not, but hell this is worth a shot) we'll teach you that nice stuff ye. There are other channels that I have blotted out because I'm cool like that, but mostly because I dont want your head to be all "HOLY SHIT OVER 9000 THOUSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN *asplode*"

Alright so, moving on to the Pros and Cons.

1) You have me and Saya (Sentapeace). <-- The best reason ye
2) I'm not sure if it does it for you guys, but for me when I lag the text comes out..really...slow... so I dont get out things in time, this wont lag and you might be able to get things in before people do stupid shit.
3) If you use it, it doesnt take that much space on your RAM. ( I cite #2.)
4) You can bring other people here from other guilds and you can all talk at once, as apposed to "/w Coolguy hey wuts goin on cool cat" back and forth and back..and forth..
5) You have me and Saya (Sentapeace). <--- The best reason yea?
6) Easy calculator/google/urbandictionary/youtube searching (You'll be taught this stuff if you choose to get this.)
7) Did I mention how it has me and Saya?
8 ) As in Dofus, you can ignore people as you see fit.
9) Cool people on this server (I met the lovely maiden Saya[Sentapeace]) here.
10) Also, you can set highlights, which basically when someone says your name, there will be a small beep so you know someone said your name..fun to spam.

1) If your computer is shit, it might not be able to handle running multiple accounts without lagging like a three legged hooker.
2) Possibly can eat up your bandwith, causing you to lag.
3) There are many, many retarded people on this server.
4) There are many, many retarded people on this server.
5) You might not be able to fit mIRC and Dofus on the same screen, which can be annoying if you want to switch between the two.
6) There are over 9000 12-13 year olds on this server, all of whom are mentally challenged. Well, 99% but that 1% leway isnt really much.

Alright so as I was saying earlier, your rank might not correspond with the access level you are given. There are 4 ranks, Operator (in red), Halfop (in orange), Voice ( in blue), and lastly Regular users in cyan, which is not shown. Ok so basically Operators can ban anyone, Halfops can ban Voice and down, and Voices and Regulars cant do shit. This is the way its going to say, Saya is a mean dictator when it comes to this shit so watch out@@!@!@!. Ok, not really but if you're going to complain about that stuff, meh. But abuse of power generally isn't accepted so..I wouldnt try it. No-one will get Operator, so..yea.

Alright if you've read this far I assume you're highly bored, interested, awesome, or you feel you should read at least toward the end because I made a large effort to make this yea?

If you want to download it the website is www.mirc.com. It is free, although it says theres an evaluation period and shit dont worry about it, mine says something along the lines of "You've been using mIRC for over 9000 days, if you enjoy it please register it blah blah blah" so dont worry about it.

If you have any questions, ask me/saya ingame, preferably me as I'm the best.


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Post  sEntapEacE on Mon Mar 16, 2009 11:26 pm

yeah pretty much summed it up


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