DIS HUR STUFF OK (Dungeon run)

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DIS HUR STUFF OK (Dungeon run) Empty DIS HUR STUFF OK (Dungeon run)

Post  TheLeaf on Wed Jun 24, 2009 2:38 am

I would like to run 3 wabbit castles and cawwot dungeon kk. THIS WILL TAKE PLACE ON MONDAY OF NEXT WEEK AROUND LIKE 2PM PST AND 5PM EST OK. (it is currently 11:35PST, it would be 1:35 EST and 7AM GMT for you lazy butheds) This is in capslock because this is the 9001th time I've posted "HEY LETS DO WABBIT CASTLE X3 DEN CAWWOT." To convince you that you should come, here is a nice picture I made a few years ago (4-over 9000) DIS HUR STUFF OK (Dungeon run) Evil_s10


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