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Post  Ryuto on Mon Nov 23, 2009 4:13 pm

I'm sure every1 realizes by now that even with the combined ability of our guild we still have moments where no1 will run any dungeons (for whatever reason)

...so, with the help of the rest of the guild, i would like to plan out a schedule for dungeon runs.

Keep in mind that this is just for now and may change a lot on a daily basis...but..

Ryuto, Sentawar, Sirocu, Daylight, Ar-Sa (1 team, max 2 of these people) will take people on Bherb Dungeon runs and maybe tynril dungeon.
Requirements- N/A

Ryuto, Sentawar, Pandadynamos, Sirocu, Ar-Sa, Daylight (1 team, maximum 4 of these people) will take people on Kimbo Dungeon Runs.
Requirements- lvl 130+

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