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Questions and answers

Post  Daylight on Mon Jul 07, 2008 4:56 pm

Hi, I thought it be good to have a questions and answers topic on hereÖ mainly because I have a question.
I noticed there are two chests in the guild house, one of them is accessible (donít worry ryu, I didnít even touch your runes) Suspect .
Now I was just wondering if the guildies can make use of this one too, lets say for example, I make lots of potions (as an alchemist) but I donít really want to sell them, because I want to make some other guildies happy with it. Can I put the potions in the chest, free for people that come to the house to take some out?

notes on my own post:
-Obviously I wouldnít mind making health potions or energy potions for guild member, but only if it's for actual use. Not for taking them out and selling them.

-I realise items that arenít useful for the guild belong in the bank.

-The main idea is sharing, but Iím not up for making potions and running after people to hand them out.

this said... peace to all.


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Re: Questions and answers

Post  Ryuto on Mon Jul 07, 2008 5:53 pm

On that note...don't put anything of real value in there...and if I see people taking large amounts of stuff like....ohh...say..ALL OF MY VITAILTY RUNES I'll snap and take everything out of there that belongs to me and call it a day.
I'll also PM all the people I know were putting stuff there and will tell them to remove it..and if I find out who did it they will get banned from the guild for good..I won't ask Pyr and I won't warn you.

In 2 more lvls we can get annother guild house and paddock....maybe a paddock in Bonta?? house is there for some resources...but I only gived the code to people I trust..i.e Senti, Rocu, Raven, Daylight...

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