Banning Underworld-Ruler

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Should underworld-ruler get banned?

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Banning Underworld-Ruler

Post  Ryuto on Thu Jul 17, 2008 12:29 pm

I have noticed that underworld-ruler has a symbiotic relation to the guild. What this means is that he feeds off the guild but gives nothing back. He's f2p so we have no chance of seeing him as a lvl 60 any year soon. He asks us to invite his noob friends and for those who remember (Tailss and Senti) they aren't much better...all they do is ask stupid questions and get upset and leave when they don't get every right in the game and don't get power lvled to 200 in a week. It has been braiught to my attention that he is asking for free stufffor himself and his friend..this usually wouldn't bother me sinse we can always say "no" but I've started noticing that from the point he logs in all he does is ask for stuff....

So I'm asking you...should he get banned?
This poll will be open for 5 days, then he will either get banned or he won't.

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Re: Banning Underworld-Ruler

Post  Nine-Tails on Fri Jul 18, 2008 8:26 am

yep. i get annoyed with such behaviour. as we all know it, it's different when for example Fehric ask's for items...a loan if you will. he gives back every time in the best way he can. this doesn't bother me. but i does when, i'm on the game helping lower lvl's play or just playing with random people and i get /w /w /w... another /w about "are you done yet?" "can you help me with x y z" "u want to contribute exp to the guild...". it's seems obvious to me, as you level, you donate to the guild. as you contribute in general, you get back and there is no need to beg. i dont like being pestered and i dont like being hit up to be used.


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