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Post  Ryuto on Sat Jul 26, 2008 5:33 pm

I have been getting the keys to every event thus far and, personally, I'm going broke doing so. Sinse I got every1 thus far nice, shiny new stuff for dirt cheap or free I'm expecting you guys to get stuff for yourselves and me whle ur at it.

We'll go kill Moon at one point or another so I have Moon Hammer by lvl 120 so please bring....

1 red shell, 1 blue shell, 1 green shell, 1 yellow shell
85 kokonuts (Guide suggests having extra so I'd suggest 190)
1 kanniball Mask

Keep in mind I need these too. Everyone can chip in for a ticket for Ryu sinse I've gotten all of you keys and equipment thu-out this time.

Now, the following classes/lvls are REQUIRED at least
-1 lvl 120+ Iop
-2 lvl 70+ Damage/AP Rape Xelor
-2 lvl 120+Eniripsa (lvl 150 STRONGLY ruggested)
-1 person who can hit for about 1000 a turn please (me at lvl 105 *-*)

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