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Post  Daylight on Tue Sep 09, 2008 9:19 pm

A few words on the unreal wand after a small test case.

Mayor advantage of the wand is definitely the no line of sight feature. This really owns, fighting in groups or with a teammate that can take the lead. (damage backpack style)
In pvp… its nice if you can hide behind a rock, a tree or if your opponent thinks its safe behind that silly chaffer… it will only safe you that many times however.

Mayor disadvantage remains the randomness of the damage. Winning a fight is in many cases a matter of luck, rather then having the overhand. Kind of like being an ecaflip… only smaller.

The range really sucks too. I can asure u when wielding a wand it tends to be better if you can stay away from your opponent, as a 1on1 range usually means sudden death, if not you’ll still have a lot of life lost, what means you need to heal, burn ap’s… get screwed next turn. Not to mention you get dodge locked so easily when you come to close as most peeps have a 4mp base or some manipulation spells to do the trick. I usally try my luck by just stepping away instead of frightening them of me ^^ but then again… I’m not always that lucky.

Overall a funny wand and nice to wield, specially with two crits in a row of +300 damage. However as these moments are rare… there are better options in pvp. As a matter of fact, I owned more people with my staff (always seems an element of surprise as most people assume every eni wields a wand), then with the unreal wand.

If you are good at montage you can make a pretty amazing video tho (enishi >.>)
Edit:link enishi

Definitely good in group fights! But only if your amount of damage doesn’t really matter.

Daylight would like to recommend this wand to any eni, who would rather have been a kitty.

In the future I will try to experiment a bit with fire maged daggers (like citrus dags), as I see more potential in these then in any wand (excluding creizy stufh and xyothine wand –I hope-)

Btw please feel free to share knowledge in this topic regarding to weapons you tested, would like to test, what you consider best, etc.

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Post  Ryuto on Wed Sep 10, 2008 5:45 pm

As we all know, I'm verry stuck-up about eniripsa being able to buff Sacrier.
In my opinion Creizy Stufh wand is the best. the range is kinda' good, and the acumulative damage isn't half bad. On top of that it's like a better version of a Gobballa Royal Sword, in the sense that by that lvl u can get 10 AP easily and in short...hit 10 times.
Some Eniripsa use it because it's easy damage after healing and it better than leek pie. However, most rely on the damage from Forbidden Word.

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