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Post  Ryuto on Sat Nov 29, 2008 1:06 pm

I once spoke of using damage build to lvl up faster....which was before Pswla could farm rats and I could do blop dungeon 4 times a day like it was nothing...
I now feel the need to change the statement and make it purely about fighting....

for lvls 70-
damage build is a great way to get some range early on in the game...learning leek pie then getting it to lvl 5 will make everyone around you stop and go "wtf?"
especially Sacrier. Now, I know that I'm the only one with leek pie at the moment (in scroll form) and i'm super picky about who I give it out to...so far it's myself, all my alts, Rocu and Senti that I gave keep pie to. I will try to get people to join me for field dungeon runs (even tho the exp is SUPER LOW) we may have a good chance to get good drops, or even leek pie.

for lvl 70-119
classic damage build-it's just an easy way to hit for 300 a turn in CC without any buffing...
AP damage build- gives u the AP to cast as many spells as u need (12 AP recommended) AND hit for about 300 without buffs.

for lvl 120+
there are many items that give +damage and a few good damage items that give alot of initiative.
Classic damage build- u may want to switch to Zoth Warrior Axe for the +1 AP and added damage.
AP damage build- you may feel tempted to change weapons, and Lord knows that using a tired ass Gobball Royal Sword is annoying, but for sacrier by lvl 170 you can buff to do insaine damage on ur 3rd and 4th turn and Iop u can use Zoth Warrior Axe (if you want) but I prefer 3 swings a turn over 2 (which is why I use daggers >.>)

any damage build relted comments go here.
feel free to ask quesions, post images and complain about damage build here.

I'm showing off damage build at lvl 120 on Sunday, so don't miss it...fun for the whole family.

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Post  Daylight on Fri Dec 05, 2008 9:15 am

A very solid post, Ryu.

When I trained Feng-chi to level 100 (which btw I did in exactly 3 weeks – just as a note for you wieners that think it takes forever) I was massively owned by a damage build iop (think level 75ish). I was impressed by the gob sword swings, after she buffed compulsion, bravery and increase. If I recollect correctly she had a turk set, anywee she had 5mp and hit me for a 250 a swing (times two – 8ap build).
Fairly nice I thought, however she had all her points boosting vitality.
I consider it a solid build for a -100 iop, but at higher levels I think its better to anticipate and boost another stat then vitality (depending on your scrolling abilities).
It just maid be nicer to keep your options open at lower levels so you don’t end up with shitty stats at level 120 (when a lot better equipment starts to become available), unless you really like the reset dungeons of course…

Ryu, I also did some more testing on the set you provided (the 6mp build) I have some remarks on it, but I’ll post it later elsewhere, as this would swing me off topic.
If you find time I would like to discuss specific equipment you use or find usable, other then the weapons.

Kind regards
Day / Feng-Chi

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