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Post  Ryuto on Thu Dec 18, 2008 10:06 am

As you may have noticed we are a much higher lvl guild than we started out being.
As soon as all my characters push 110+ I will no longer spend as much time with the lower lvls and will try Dragon Pig+ dungeons.

So the Protectors and all the old members will be in charge of raising the newer and lower lvl members.
Try the following Dungeons
-Gobball Dungeon
-Blop Dungeon
-Wabbit Isl. Dungeons
-Kani Dungeon

Souls you will start to see more often
-Treechnid Dungeon/Soft Oak
-Dragon Pig
-Legendary Crackler
-Rat Dungeon (hopefully Amakna)
-Rainbow Blop

New Ranks to be used
Breeder (Fehric) and Diplomat (none yet T.T)

The new wave is coming, get ready.

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