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Combat Journal

Post  Ryuto on Tue Jul 08, 2008 3:42 pm

Sacrier Combo List
-0 Move-0 movement combo is done between Eniripsa and's a way to move the Sacerier closer to the opponent or in the way of an opponent (strongly suggest using with a high agility sacrier)
--First the Sacrier must cast Sacrifice on the Eniripsa
--Then the Eniripsa uses Draining Word on anything (like a free space) so swap with the sacrier and moves to the target selected by the sacrier, then uses Draining Word again

note- this combo is called the 0 move because the Eniripsa moves..but in the end he moves himself 0 spaces...
-Usually when someone requests that you use 0 move they point to a space and say something like "0 move me" or they just say "0 move".

-Fearful Attraction-this combo is done between Sram and Sacrier.
--the Sram casts Fear on the Sacrier
--then the Sacrier uses Attraction

note- this combo is an awsome way to start off the fight..especially if you need to walk alot to get to the opponent. With this you can prevent the opponent from casting many buffs.

-Punishment Bag-This combo is a 1 time only type best with a lvl 1 Living Bag.
--First the Enutrof casts Living Bag next to a Sacrier and runs away, the living bag will cast Sacrifice on the Sacrier.
--Then the Sacrier uses Punishment on an opponent. The living bag will try to swap places to take the damage but instead will die and not swap places at all.

Note- this combo is for fun...don't rely on it too much.

-Transaction- Transport/Attraction combo. Simply use Transportation with someone...move forward and use Attraction.

Note- only good if you need to do some field manipulation.
Usually people will say "Transact me" if they want this combo done on them.

Panda Combo List
-Panda Shield- This combo is simple, you pick up the team member in order to shield them from any damage.

Note- combo works very well with Sacrier's Punishment attack spell.

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Re: Combat Journal

Post  Ryuto on Mon Aug 04, 2008 10:48 am

Phrase List and Battle Conduct

I'm writing this because most of the time we get people who have no clue as to what's going on so we get screwed over when they rush into a fight.

When the Group Leader asks "is everyone ready?" the team is to reply "ready" or confirm that they are indeed ready. This DOES NOT mean nod at the screen. If someone does not confirm that they are ready their name will be called until they reply to make sure they aren't AFK.

When the Group Leader wants to start the fight they may choose to ask one person (generally the one who has the hardest time joining fights) to start the fight. With me this generally sounds like "(insert name here) whenever you're ready." What this means is start the fight when you're ready. All you do when you see this is start the fight. DO NOT start the fight until you see the group leader telling you to start, if you engage the enemy without permission do not expect anyone to join in.

Punish-use the attack spell Punishment.

Buff-use your buffing spell.

Nimble-use Nimble Punishment

Force-use Forceful Punishment

Bold-use Bold Punishment

Sacred-use Sacred Punishment

Swing-attack with the weapon


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Re: Combat Journal

Post  sEntapEacE on Wed Aug 06, 2008 4:56 pm

I have a few combos of my own to add to the list

-from Pun to Pun-a nice way to add a little extra to a buff and do a substantial amount of damage in the same turn.
--first you cast your buff spell and then add to it however you wish (Dancing Sword most likely) and then if you're not alone have your teammates assist with the buffing accordingly
--when your turn after that comes, the effects of your punishment buff spell linger until the end of your turn and this is when you take the time to cast Punishment on an enemy to do a decent amount of damage to them as well increase your total buff slightly (as long as it isn't a critical hit)

-Punishing Fury-this simple combo allows you to increase your damage as well as your main damaging characteristic (strength/agility/chance/intelligence)
--cast your buff spell (and Dancing Sword if possible)
--on your next turn cast Fury on one of the linear squares adjacent to you so that you get hit by fury's AoE and add damage as well as increase your main characteristic due to the lingering effect of your buff

Note- with level 5 buff, Dancing Sword, and Fury and 8ap or more you can score a total of 6 hits on yourself (solo) which comes to +66-240 of your characteristic and +16 damage in just 2 turns (plus you can choose to kill your sword at the same time)

-Sac of Puns-a comical way to put your life in front of a teammate's life while increasing your damaging capability
--cast Sacrifice on the teammate that will be assisting you with the move
--on their next turn, have them make sure they stay near enough for you to attack them starting on their following turn
--cast your buff spell and begin to attack your sacrificed teammate (either with an offensive spell or Dancing Sword)
--when your teammate's turn comes again, have them either do tactical moves to cause damage to their self or to you (whichever can yield the most amount of hits with less damage) and then remain nearby before ending their turn
--your next turn comes and you take advantage of the lingering effects of the buff spell you casted last turn and proceed to attack your teammate for another turn (still hitting you and increasing the corresponding characteristic)

-Note this also doubles as a mind game for any pvp matches you get into for your opponent may become distracted and confused while you do this. ironically this may cause laughter among your opponent(s)

-Unholy Matrimony-brings two of your opponents together (whether they want to be or not)
-cast Attraction on an opponent within range to be right next to you
-then cast Cooperation on another opponent (while remaining adjacent to the one you attracted) so that now they're right next to each other

-Note I've used this technique a lot in the blop dungeon for setting up glutoblops for eating other blops but it can also be used to set two of your opponents up for an AoE attack by one of your teammates (or preventing them from using one of their own)


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Re: Combat Journal

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