Guild/Forum Update

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Guild/Forum Update

Post  Ryuto on Tue Aug 05, 2008 2:38 pm

I enabled people to change their DOB just so that they can have their sign shown, if you guys are into that.
However, that does not mean manipulate your DOB past what it really is.
If you don't want people knowing when you were born then just leave it blank.

I also enabled a friend/foe list. Again, this is just for fun.

I am looking for someone to make a guild banner, it must include the guild shield...there was originally a post for this but it probably is hidden. Anyhoo, please make the guild banner which will be displayed at the top.

On top of that I am requesting that the individuals with invite powers make followers (i.e groups) by inviting people who they will supervise (train, help explain stuff to, do dungeon runs with and so on) this will greatly raise your odds of getting protector rank.

On the note of ranks, their is a chance of being demoted from protector to guard, and from guard to mascot so please keep up with everyone.


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Re: Guild/Forum Update

Post  Valleka on Wed Aug 06, 2008 4:05 pm

can i be a mascot ? ^^ mmmm mm mmmm m!

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