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Post  Daylight on Fri Nov 14, 2008 10:16 am

hi true gods!

many of u proberly don't know me, but I was once a true god... Believe me, once you've been a true god, you'll always be one at heart.
I now roll with the old guard, one of your allied guilds.
We will soon be planning some events together, for example some dungeon runs...
We'll just have to work out some praktical details as most of you are bontarians and most of our higher levels are brak ^^
But not to worry, all will be worked out.

If any of u ever gets in trouble, wants some help with whatever, you can always rely on our team aswell. Altho I am still known as "Day" Daylight to all, I play an iop at the moment, so if any of u wish to contact me in game the name is Feng-chi.
you can also check our site at www.theoldguard.co.nr , feel free to sign up to post on our forums.

The new forum is looking uberly good ryu! much better ^^

All my love to you guys


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