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Post  Ryuto on Sun Nov 23, 2008 10:48 am

hello happy people,
As you all may know I manage the Guard team and I have a buttload of alts.
Today I used one of them to encourage two guild mates to work together to get thru Gobball Dungeon.
As most of you may know Gobball Dungeon is a dear place to me where I spent countless months trying to hit lvl 100.
I asked Silverhunter and Raiito to team up and Silverhunter invited one of his friends. It was God offle.
The point of this was to see who is fit as a leader and is willing to try to "beat the odds" to win. Sadly must say Silver failed....horribly. Not only did he nag my Iop to join them constantly but he had a "no way to win" attitude to the entire experience. What this means is that I will not invite him to any high lvl events, any events hosted by me and I will not promote him to Guard rank or higher (anyone else might, but I sure as hell won't).

So just remember, I use my alts not just to help me do dungeon runs but to test lower level guildies, and passing or failing isn't based on if you win or lose the fight >.>

Rai +1
Silver -1

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Post  Daylight on Fri Dec 05, 2008 9:23 am

As a note on this, I cant stress the significance of tactics enough.
Field manipulation, tactical thinking and anticipation is what sets a good player from a true god.
It all may sound cocky but whatever this playing style provides much more fun and keeps the game interesting whether you run a gob or a high level dun.
Remember the key to owning the game isnt youre one pity- char being able to hit over a K or take damage over a K or to heal over a K its tactical team play.

Hooray for running gob dun Naked!

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